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Page Charges

Instructions To Authors
By the Editor of Geophysics
Revised January 2007

Page Charges

To support the high cost of publication, technical papers, case histories, and research letters published in Geophysics usually incur page charges. Publication of a paper is independent of voluntary page-charge payments, but it is important for each author to honor the page-charge request. Members are requested, but not required, to pay the charges for the first ten (10) pages; however, they must pay all other charges. If none of the authors of a paper is an SEG member in good standing, payment of nonmember page charges is mandatory.

Billing will take place after composition of the paper is complete.

No page charges are assessed if a submitted manuscript is not published.

It is SEG's policy to suspend publication privileges of any author who has a past-due account with the Society.

The exact number of pages in an article cannot be confirmed until shortly before printing. However, a reasonable estimate is the number of words in the text divided by 1000 plus 35% of the number of figures and tables.

For SEG members in good standing, there is a voluntary page charge of $100 for the first ten (10) pages and a mandatory charge of $150 for each additional page. For nonmembers, the mandatory charge is $200 per page for all pages.

Regarding color charges, for members in good standing, there is a voluntary charge of $350 per page up to two pages. For manuscripts with more than two color pages, there is a mandatory charge of $350 per color page for the third color page and each subsequent one. For nonmembers, there is a $350 mandatory charge for each color page.

There are no mandatory charges to members or nonmembers for case histories, tutorials, and discussions. However, authors of papers published in those categories are asked to pay page charges voluntarily at member rates.

In addition to these page charges, there may be charges for changes requested in the typeset proofs that alter the text in the accepted manuscript. The SEG Publications Department staff will determine such charges from the proofs that reflect the changes. Authors who wish to inquire about these charges should contact the Manager of Geophysics and Books or the Publications Director at the SEG Business Office.

If the author submits movie, sound, or other types of ancillary files for publication along with the manuscript, a one-time fee of $50 will be charged for each ancillary deposit of 20 megabytes or less. Larger deposits will require higher fees. If a case history, tutorial, or discussion includes an ancillary file, a charge of $50 is voluntary if the file is 20 megabytes or less and mandatory if the file exceeds 20 megabytes. For papers submitted to the algorithms and software category, the archival fee is waived.

All fees for ancillary files must be paid to SEG, and accompanying forms must be completed, when notification of acceptance is received.

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