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LaTeX Package for Paper Submission to Geophysics

A computer typesetting package is available to help authors prepare papers for Geophysics. The package consists of a set of macros prepared for LaTeX, a popular document preparation system, and is based on REVTeX, developed by the American Physical Society (APS) in conjunction with other societies. The SEG has developed several macros designed specifically for Geophysics.

Authors who use the LaTeX typesetting program to prepare their manuscripts can use the SEG macros (called SEGTeX) to format the text, equations, references, and appendices so that they conform to Geophysics guidelines for submission. If using BibTeX to create references, authors must run BibTeX before submitting the .tex file and read in or paste the resulting contents of the generated .bbl file within the bibliography section of the .tex file. All LaTeX submissions must include only one .tex file and a PDF of that file. You may send questions concerning LaTeX files to the SEGTeX mailing list link below.

To submit papers to Geophysics, follow the procedures described in the SEG "Instructions to Authors" (in the January-February issue of Geophysics and on this Web site at the link below). The manuscript will undergo the standard review process. Once all revisions and changes to the manuscript are made and the manuscript is accepted, LaTeX files will be converted to Microsoft Word documents for production.

SEGTeX was created by SEP.


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